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Nvidia GeForce Now to offer daily rates starting at $3.99 — plus RTX game updates, more AI, G-Sync and more at CES 2024

Nvidia revealed a host of gaming and technology updates during its livestream at CES 2024, including the upcoming RTX 40-series Super models, new daily pass options for GeForce Now, even more ubiquitous AI, enhanced livestreaming tools, and a new Alienware 4K 240 Hz G-Sync OLED display. We’ve got a separate article on the new GPUs, but there’s still plenty of new stuff to cover.

GeForce Now gets Ultimate and Priority tier day passes

GeForce Now remains one of the best game streaming options, with the Ultimate tier providing access to roughly the equivalent of an RTX 4080 in the cloud for $19.99 per month, or $99.99 if you pay for six months up front — depending on location and server load, you may also end up with an RTX 3080-equivalent. Alternatively, for half that price, the Priority tier gives you access to hardware more in line with the RTX 2080. There’s a free option as well, but it’s hard to judge the experience of the higher tiers based on the base offering.

If you’ve been curious about trying out GeForce Now but didn’t want to pony up for the full month (or six months, as the monthly memberships are apparently all sold out at the time of writing), Nvidia will now offer a daily pass for the Priority and Ultimate tiers. It’s $7.99 for the Ultimate day pass, and $3.99 for the Priority day pass, so a 40% of the cost of a full month. Still, if you only want to try it for a day, it might be worth a look.

Along with the new day pass option, Nvidia notes that it continues to add capacity to its GeForce Now data centers around the world. It’s now available in 110 countries, and there’s now Cloud G-Sync and expanded Reflex support for lower latency streaming.

Upcoming RTX-enabled Games

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