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Vimeo’s AI hub promises to categorize your team’s videos effectively.

Vimeo Launches AI-Powered Video Hub for Business Teams


Vimeo was quick to adopt generative AI into its platform. In June 2023, the video company added a suite of generative AI tools for optimizing video creation. Now, Vimeo is turning its AI efforts toward working professionals with a new video hub.

On Thursday, Vimeo unveiled Vimeo Central, an AI-powered hub designed for business teams to tap into the full potential of video communications leveraging generative AI tools.

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“In today’s distributed work era, effective team collaboration and employee engagement carries new urgency,” said Vimeo’s interim CEO Adam Gross. “With Vimeo Central, companies of all sizes can become video-first organizations.”

According to Vimeo, the video hub works in tandem with a customer’s various video platforms — including Zoom, Webex, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box — to support the uploading of all content into one video library, a secure centralized hub.

Not only does this make it easier to locate any video needed, but it also allows teams to interact more productively with all video-related information by leveraging advanced tools that can search for not only video titles but also video transcripts.

Vimeo Central also features AI tools to help users get up-to-date with the information they miss. For example, users can condense hours of video into a short highlight reel, bypassing the need to watch the entire video themselves.

The AI tools can also generate text summaries, add chapters to videos, generate titles and FAQs, and even answer questions with the exact moment in the recording that users should watch to find their answers.

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Vimeo Central also features a recording studio with a built-in teleprompter, analytics to track team-watching data, including information about who on the team watched what, and a new editor for message polishing.

Even though many video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and have implemented similar features, what makes Vimeo’s offering stand out is that it incorporates video from all different platforms in one place, making it a streamlined hub. Vimeo Central is an enterprise-only package, but some of its capabilities, including AI, are offered as self-serve consumer plans.

With the increasing demand for remote collaboration tools, Vimeo’s launch of Vimeo Central comes at a critical time for businesses looking to leverage video communications effectively. The AI-powered hub promises to revolutionize how teams interact with video content, making it easier to manage, organize, and enhance their video communications.

As companies continue to adapt to remote work environments, tools like Vimeo Central provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to enhance their video communication strategies. By incorporating AI-powered features, Vimeo is staying ahead of the curve in catering to the needs of modern businesses seeking innovative solutions for effective collaboration.

Overall, Vimeo Central represents a significant step forward for Vimeo in its AI journey, offering a powerful platform for business teams to maximize the potential of video communications. With a range of advanced features and seamless integration with popular video platforms, Vimeo Central is poised to become a game-changer in the realm of video communication tools for enterprises.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
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