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Review of Upload Season 3: Robbie Amell and Andy Allo Showcase Satirical Insights on Capitalism and AI

Upload Season 3 Review Robbie Amell Andy Allo Satire Takes Sharper Digs At Capitalism And AI

About Upload Season 3

As Greg Daniels’s Upload returns for yet another round it expands into the real world beyond the digital walls of the afterlife Lakeview. Robbie Amell and Andy Allo, who reprise their characters of Nathan and Nora in the third season, discover a conspiracy to favour an election. And of course, there’s the lingering question of Nathan’s original death; was it murder? If this is, in fact, the show’s last season, will all the pertinent questions be answered?

Upload Season 3: Narrative

After two seasons, Nathan and Nora finally have a chance to be together as he gets back his body. However, a digital duplicate of Nathan has been revived at Lakeview as his ex, Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards) tries to mend her ways. But the main goal this season is to help Freeyond, the service which allows the poor to gain access to Lakeview.

This show delves more into real-life headlines from around the world as it looks into the overall politics of voter suppression and election rigging. Once you’re dead, you lose the right to vote, and the elite only want a certain section of the public influencing the outcome. Nathan and Nora take on billionaires and capitalism itself as they go to bat for the little guys.

Upload Season 3: Acting

By this third season, the cast of lovable characters have endeared themselves to us. In this overarching story of life and death, like us, they are also just trying to exist. We root for Robbie Amell’s Nathan and Andy Allo’s Nora to finally find their shot of love. Amell as lovable goofball and Andy as the more cynical techie are well-matched.

Allegra Edwards’s Ingrid has also grown up and matured from the spoilt rich ex-girlfriend of Nathan’s we were first introduced to. The actress brings a certain vulnerability to the role. The rest of the cast including Luke (Kevin Bigley), Ivan (Josh Banday), Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) and Lakeview’s AI Guy (Owen Daniels) bring in the laughs and some much-needed levity and the storylines grow serious.

Upload Season 3: Critique

Upload also continues its digs at artificial intelligence and the modern capitalism world, mocking our constant need for gratification through technology. Last season, Upload accurately pointed out the dangers of scanning an individual into perpetuity, which became a key sticking point in the actors’ guild strike against Hollywood. This season, it looks at corporations giving more power to their AIs trying to teach them how to become more human. The scene between Aleesha and AI Guy where she tries explaining the different meanings of okay are hilarious.

Daniels’s previous shows, The Office and Parks and Recreation, have inspired Upload a bit but it has come into its own by own. It’s a brave take for the show to mock corporations and billionaires like its streaming home and not face any consequences so far. If the show gets cancelled after this, we guess a nerve might have been hit.

Moreover, the world that Upload promises is not far away, is it a cautionary tale of greed and over-commercialism? Can we mend our ways? Or will we just be distracted by another piece of shiny technology that promises to make our lives better? Upload raises many reasonable questions even as we laugh along at the crazy and weird antics of the characters.

The first two episodes of Upload Season 3 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Two episodes of the new season will be released every Friday until the season finale on November 10.

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